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Guitar Lessons

Violin / Viola Lessons

Vocal Coaching 

​Music Theory


• Learn the anatomy of the guitar.

• Advance your playing and composition skills.

• Learn chords, strum patterns, and finger-picking.

 • Understand the Guitar Fretboard.

• Best practice methods for beginners.

• Learn a fast, easy way to play, combine chords into progressions and put it all together and play songs.



• Advance your playing and composition skills through music theory and private violin and viola lessons.

• Learn to hold the bow properly, producing a good sound, and playing in tune.

• Learn Treble and Bass Clefs, their lines and spaces and note values.

• Technique, Theory and Musicality

• Find a place for music in your daily life and make your practice time enjoyable.



• Learn concise and systematic, effective approaches to voal production. 

• Become a better singer.

• Learn vocal health and advanced breathing techniques.  

• Learn performance and Audition skills to master styling and showcase your talent effectively for producers, casting directors and talent contest judges.

• Achieve tension and strain free performances.

• Understand concepts of Belting, Mixing, Chest Voice, and Head Voice.

• Find “Your Voice”

• Gain confidence; eliminate self-doubt and stage fright.

• Eliminate the danger of vocal strain and damage, and build a solid foundation for a lifetime of healthy “hoarse” free singing.



• Understanding how to read the circle of fifths between music's major and their relative minor keys.

• Learn Key signatures that are important when reading music.  You must understand how to read key signatures in order to know how to play the notes the way the composer intended.

• Recognize the beat in a song in order to find and understand the pattern and speed of the music.

• Understand note values. 

• Easily understand the concepts and rules that make up music theory in a low-stress, supportive environment.

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