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Vivian Varner is a professional vocal coach and singing instructor, who teaches vocal execution techniques, vocal exercises, diaphramatic breathing and performance skills to singers, voice talent and public speakers.  She specializes in stage presentation, and vocal health. Her non-traditional style of vocal coaching helps performers sing simply and naturally. Her vocal coaching experience spans 30 years with 20 years in professional voice coaching. Vivian’s students learn to sing with ease and freedom and develop their ability to sing with power and projection without tension.

She is an accomplished professional singer/songwriter and voice talent who has traveled extensively through out Europe and the United States.  When in NC, Texas,  Atlanta and West Germany she served as Choir Director for several musical groups like "God's Children"  in Fort Hood, Texas where Gospel artist Ernest Pugh was one of her talented choir members.  Vivian continues to sing, provide vocal coaching, write songs and perform  in Metro Atlanta, Georgia.  She is also a Voice Over Talent who provides vocal support to TV/Radio commercials, ELearning, Audiobooks and Gaming projects.  Her educational background includes a BS  in Broadcast Media and a Master of Science in Entertainment Business. 



Vocal Coach

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Violin and Viola Lessons

Courtney Varner has been playing the Viola for 14 years and is one of the founding members of the Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra (GYSO) and was first chair Violist in its first year. Her expertise is training beginning students of all ages in Violin/Viola and beginning Music Theory in Violin and Viola.  She has played with the Kennesaw State University Symphony Orchestra for 5 years and has helped it reach the amazing level it is in today. In 2010, she played in the orchestra for the opening ceremony of the Tyler Perry Studio with various other freelance musicians in Atlanta. January 2011, she and the Kennesaw State University Symphony Orchestra spent a week in Beijing and Xian China and performed for their American Music Festival. Courtney is a working Violist and has been playing professionally for the past 5 years.  Courtney is a candidate for the Kennesaw State University College of the Arts  BA in Music Education.  Courtney also provides Viola training support for the Kennesaw State University String Project.

Guitar Lessons

Bob Stewart is a phenomenal guitarist.  At seven years old his dad taught him his first guitar chords.  That was the beginning of a passion for the guitar and other instruments of music. Now at sixty-four years his love for the guitar has only grown stronger.  Also a passion for teaching has been a strong point of his life. His background  in music has taken him from Bluegrass and Southern Gospel, through the beginning years of Rock and Roll, through some blues, light jazz, latin, bosa nova, celtic…etc. "I love a little of all the music…. I am not a fan  of all of any music". Teaching the different styles of music seems to reach a lot of people. "Faith based music has always been a part of my music... My love for praise and worship music started thirteen years ago.  My gift of music comes from God and I love playing to further His kingdom. "  Bob has been teaching for more than fifteen years guitar and photography professionally.