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  • Do you want to write really great songs?

  • Do you have a concept for a song but can’t seem to get it completed?

  • Have written songs before but would like to improve on your songwriting ability?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you must attend the next “Foundations For Successful Songwriting“ with J. David Leonard


To learn more about the next workshop or reserve a space -  email us at:


Learn songwriting using three easy to understand fundamentals.  Whether you are a novice or an experienced songwriter learn the unique techniques that will make your writing easier and express the exact emotion and message you intended.  



This workshop is your opportunity to work with Songwriter and Producer J David Leonard at our next songwriting workshop for singers, songwriters and musicians.  This workshop is designed to give you the tools you need for good songwriting both lyrically and musically. Whether you’re an aspiring songwriter or you’re interested in learning how to improve on your songwriting skills, "Foundations for Successful Songwriting" is the workshop for you!  You have probably listened to thousands of songs over the years. In doing so, you’ve formed a preference for certain styles of music, followed favorite artists, and found songs that have resonated in your life. With so many books and blogs on the subject, trying to understand this craft can be confusing and frustrating.   There are as many approaches to songwriting as there are songwriters.

However, there are common characteristics in every effective song that you can learn to recognize and use as tools for your own writing. Instructor J David Leonard of Reveal Audio Services has written songs that have been recorded by major label artists and featured in television and film. He was past president of the Atlanta Songwriters Association (currently the Georgia Music Industry Association), and has taught his method as a songwriting class at Kennessaw State University. In his work as a music producer, David regularly assists his songwriter clients with advice on crafting their songs for maximum impact. David will teach you the guiding principles he uses every day.  These can be applied to every musical style, and they should form the foundation of your songwriting decision-making. No matter what skill level you are currently at, incorporating these simple, basic concepts into your creative process will help you avoid common mistakes and result in better, more effective songs.

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